Product Review: DermaBlend

Our First Experience with DermaBlend

Today we visited our local Ulta Beauty store to try a skin camouflage product that one of my sister’s dermatologists recommended: the DermaBlend foundation stick. This product is used to even out blemishes and skin discoloration.

One of the store employees, M, assisted my sister in finding the right shade for her skin. Since her cousin also has vitiligo, M was eager to help. However, when M applied the shade on my sister’s vitiligo spots, the stark whiteness of the skin underneath was still visible. As such, she recommended that we choose a darker shade. When the DermaBlend was applied on my little sister’s spots for the second time, my parents were pleased with the results and purchased the stick. I was slightly hesitant at first, because the makeup was slightly darker than my sister’s skin. However, my sister didn’t draw any stares or glances from others as she walked around in public for the rest of the day, so I can safely say that it looked natural.

My sister’s first impression of the DermaBlend foundation stick was positive. She liked that it completely covered her white spots. Her only complaint was that it sat heavily on her skin and the feeling of the makeup caked on her skin made her uncomfortable.

Do I recommend DermaBlend to vitiligo patients?

My answer is, it depends on what you prioritize. If you prioritize comfort, this may not be the camouflage product for you. However, if you prefer good coverage over comfort, I would recommend this product. DermaBlend is a highly pigmented foundation that can conceal vitiligo extremely well.

My sister’s skin did not react to DermaBlend, but it’s always wise to try the product in the store before purchasing it, regardless of the sensitivity of your skin.

Star Rating: 4/5

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