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Interview Series: Episode 1

Note: Hello, everyone! This post details an interview conducted by my sister, Siona, when I was at the start of my vitiligo journey two years ago. Interviewer (Q): Siona; Interviewee (A): Priyanka (me). Q. What has been the most insensitive thing someone has said to you about your disorder? A. At the beginning, people made … More

How to Treat Vitiligo With Surgery

Some patients use surgery to treat their vitiligo if their phototherapy treatment doesn’t work. There are three types of surgery available for vitiligo patients. Blister grafting is when blisters are created on a pigmented area of the skin and then transferred to cover a white patch. Skin grafting is when a portion of pigmented skin … More

Debunking the Myth About Michael Jackson’s Skin Color

In this post, I debunk one of the most famous myths regarding the King of Pop: the change in his skin color. Although he was one of the most famous celebrities of all time, Michael Jackson was shrouded in mystery. He faced constant scrutiny for supposedly bleaching his skin and exhibiting racial self-hatred. However, what … More

Does Diet Affect Vitiligo?

There have been some stories of repigmentation due to diet, but there is no proven scientific rationale to back up these claims. I once read a story about a girl who cured her eczema, psoriasis, and vitiligo simply by a change in her diet. In a desperate effort to help my sister, I’ve made her … More


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to tell you about the photosensitivity that results from vitiligo and what measures you can take to combat it. We discovered my little sister’s photosensitivity when she began complaining of her skin stinging during P.E. After conversing with a dermatologist at Stanford, we realized that sunlight actually makes vitiligo worse. … More

Who is Winnie Harlow?

If any of you are fans of America’s Next Top Model or are active on Instagram, you may have heard of Winnie Harlow. Isn’t she gorgeous? Winnie is one of the most famous celebrities with vitiligo. Her story of success, despite the judgement and pain she endured in her early life, is truly powerful. Winnie … More

The Effect of Vitiligo on Hair

After being diagnosed with vitiligo, many people notice their hair turning white. My younger sister has experienced the same thing on her face and certain spots on her scalp. The hair follicles are ultimately impacted when white blood cells attack melanocytes, thinking that they are dangerous foreign substances. Consequently, the hair covering an area of … More

More Answers to Your Questions

Why does vitiligo only turn part of the body white? The amount of white patches signifies the amount of melanocytes the body mistakenly views as pathogens and kills off. For some vitiligo patients, their entire body turns white. This means that the body is attacking melanocytes all over their body. For others, only some patches … More

Is Vitiligo Contagious?…and other questions

Is vitiligo contagious? Is it safe to come into contact with someone who has vitiligo? Vitiligo is not contagious at all. The only way it could possibly be passed to another person is through genetics. The skin on both my armpits is losing color. Is this vitiligo? I suggest immediately setting up an appointment with … More

What Can I Do to Support Vitiligo Patients?

What can I do to support vitiligo patients? Most vitiligo patients suffer from a lack of self-esteem, so show them kindness and assure them of your support. These simple gestures goes a long way in emotionally supporting vitiligo patients. To financially contribute, I suggest donating to a trusted vitiligo donation site, such as this one! … More

Where We Are With Research About Vitiligo

Is there a lot of research being done on vitiligo? There is research being done, but I wouldn’t say that it’s very much research. Although  some researchers have devoted their time to finding a cure for vitiligo, they have not been able to make many breakthroughs recently. Current treatments for vitiligo have worked in clinical … More

Is it Appropriate to Talk to Someone About Their Vitiligo?

Thank you to all the readers who submitted questions for the Q&A Session through my Contact Page. I’ll be answering your inquiries individually within the next few weeks. Your support and eagerness to learn are much appreciated! Is it appropriate to start a conversation with a vitiligo patient about their disorder? Or does that come … More

What are the Different Types of Vitiligo?

What is segmental vitiligo? Segmental vitiligo is when white patches appear on only some body parts, usually on one half of the body. My sister has segmental vitiligo. What is generalized vitiligo? Generalized vitiligo is when symmetrical white patches appear all over the body.

Are Certain Body Parts More Susceptible to Vitiligo?

It is true that certain body parts are more susceptible to vitiligo. Patients report that vitiligo commonly occurs around body openings (like the ears, mouth, and groin), as well as on the hands, face, elbows, and knees. On bony areas, such as the hands and feet, repigmentation is difficult. On fleshy areas, such as the … More

Can Vitiligo Be Passed Down?

I’d like to extend my thanks to the reader who submitted an inquiry for today’s Q&A. If I have vitiligo, could my children develop it? Since there’s a substantial number of vitiligo patients that have a relative with the disorder, there appears to be a genetic factor that causes it to be passed down in … More

Announcement: Q&A Sessions!

Hello everyone, I’ve decided to host periodic Q&A Sessions to answer your questions concerning vitiligo! You can send your questions to me through my Contact page, which you can access through this link or from the main menu. Signed, Siona  

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a rare autoimmune disorder that affects approximately 1% of the world’s population. The body attacks its own melanocytes (pigment-producing cells), thereby stripping the skin of its color. If the lightened area is covered by hair, the hair may also become white. All genders and races can be affected. However, due to the drastic … More

Treatment at the Clinic + Pictures!

I recently decided to accompany my sister to her biweekly phototherapy treatment for the very first time! (If you haven’t seen my previous blog regarding this topic, the function of phototherapy is to restore pigment to areas of the skin affected by vitiligo.) Upon reaching the front desk, a friendly employee greeted us and directed … More

Starting Treatment!

After learning of my little sister’s diagnosis, my parents have decided to sign her up for multiple treatments which included photodynamic therapy (UV-B radiation) with a combination of topical treatment and vitamins. My sister has started to apply creams (Elidel, 1% tofacitinib) and sunscreen daily as part of the topical treatment, take vitamins such as … More

Product Review: DermaBlend

Our First Experience with DermaBlend Today we visited our local Ulta Beauty store to try a skin camouflage product that one of my sister’s dermatologists recommended: the DermaBlend foundation stick. This product is used to even out blemishes and skin discoloration. One of the store employees, M, assisted my sister in finding the right shade for … More