Is it Appropriate to Talk to Someone About Their Vitiligo?

Thank you to all the readers who submitted questions for the Q&A Session through my Contact Page. I’ll be answering your inquiries individually within the next few weeks. Your support and eagerness to learn are much appreciated!

Is it appropriate to start a conversation with a vitiligo patient about their disorder? Or does that come off as rude?

The answer to your question is based on two factors: how well you know the patient and how comfortable they are with talking about their health issues. The truth is, vitiligo patients have varying levels of comfort with speaking about their disorder. For example, my little sister is alright with people asking her about her vitiligo. She’d rather they ask than make false assumptions. If you are the close friend of a patient, he or she might be more comfortable sharing their experiences with you than with a complete stranger. It’s important to note that many people prefer not to talk about their vitiligo, especially with strangers. Vitiligo patients already get lots of questions about their skin everyday, so they might become annoyed if you start a conversation about their disorder. So, I’d stay on the safe side by not bringing it up. 

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