Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to tell you about the photosensitivity that results from vitiligo and what measures you can take to combat it.

We discovered my little sister’s photosensitivity when she began complaining of her skin stinging during P.E. After conversing with a dermatologist at Stanford, we realized that sunlight actually makes vitiligo worse. The dermatologist advised us to use strong sunscreen (e.g. Elta MD) and to limit her time in the sunlight.

I currently make my sister wear sunscreen everyday in the car on the way to school. I enforce this rule pretty heavily because her skin burns during P.E. when she doesn’t wear it, causing blisters and redness.

Here’s my advice to vitiligo patients in order to limit photosensitivity:

  • Purchase a powerful sunscreen and use it everyday.
  • Wear clothes/hats that cover your spots on sunny days, regardless on your personal level of sensitivity.

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