Phototherapy Treatments

XTRAC Excimer Laser

More Information:

Cosmetic Dermatology – California Skin Institute

Personal Experience: 

Using the XTRAC Excimer Laser, I did treatment after school two times a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. I did this treatment for a couple years in combination with topical creams, mentioned in further detail below. Some side effects of the treatment include redness and blisters, although individual results may vary. Below, I have attached a post-treatment picture of my skin. 

Post-treatment Picture (May 2018)


More Information:

Personal Experience:

Recently, I switched to using the Dermapal unit for phototherapy. Ever since the pandemic started, I didn’t really feel comfortable going to the doctor’s office twice a week for treatment. It also felt a bit tedious to leave my house every day to do a treatment that took ten minutes at most. Thus, my doctor prescribed the Dermapal home unit for phototherapy. Because I have segmental vitiligo (localized vitiligo), I didn’t need the big XTRAC Excimer Laser or the full-body Dermapal unit. I started using the Dermapal unit which is especially helpful for treating the scalp due to the Dermapal scalp comb. It is very compact, easy to use, takes little maintenance and setup, and rarely results in blisters. I am continuing to use this unit twice a week, and I document my dosages on a spreadsheet to track my progress. 

Dermapal unit

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