Discounts and Rebates

Vitiligo Support International

Vitiligo Support International ( is a non-profit organization and a great resource for anybody who is looking for vitiligo information and support. When you register as a member of Vitiligo Support International (VSI), you receive a letter in the mail detailing what VSI is, its funding campaign, and its vision among other topics. At the bottom of the letter is a message underwritten by Daavlin (, a leading company in home therapy for vitiligo. When USA members mention the letter from VSI, they can get a 10% discount on a home phototherapy light unit, such as the Dermapal, which I have been using to treat my vitiligo at home. 


XTRAC ( produces the phototherapy unit that I used when I would go to the clinic for treatment. With the rebate linked above, you can sign up to get your rebate amount of up to $50 per treatment when treated with XTRAC a minimum of 8 times in 42 days or less. The XTRAC excimer laser is advertised as both convenient and effective, and I would encourage everyone to try XTRAC and use the rebate they offer. 

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